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Primary and Secondary Education

          The Huntsville City Schools system has a long tradition of excellence.  Even though the student population is very diverse, the system has been committed to serving the needs of all students.  Meeting this goal has required an outstanding core curriculum with four years of study in English, mathematics, science and social studies.  Advanced learning opportunities and innovative magnet schools assist students to develop their full potential.

         For those students seeking a broader range of courses, the Toyota Distance Learning Labs is also available.  Guest lectures with expertise in numerous areas share their knowledge to inspire eager students.  Advanced placement courses in technical areas, as well as the arts, prepare the students for a rewarding college experience.

         Magnet schools are also available for those desiring to focus on international social studies, language, space science, engineering or creative and performing arts.  For those intrigued by space exploration and relating technical activity, the space science curriculum was developed with the assistance of NASA's Marshall Space Center. For students who lean more toward the arts, the Creative and Performing Arts magnet has received many awards for its programs in visual arts, vocal music, creative writing, dance, drama, photography/video, and technical theater production.

         The public school system is comprised of Huntsville City, Madison City and the Madison County Schools Systems as well as an impressive list of private schools.  The following lists the numbers and types of public schools:

Huntsville City Schools System

  • 24 elementary schools
  • 4 magnet schools for elementary, middle and high school students
  • 11 middle schools
  • 7 high schools

See for more information on this system.

 Madison City Schools System

  • 7 elementary schools
  • 2 middle schools
  • 1 high school
  • 1 alternative school

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Madison County Schools System

  • 11 elementary schools (k-5)
  • 4 schools (k-8)
  • 1 school (5-6)
  • 1 school (7-8)
  • 4 schools (6-8)
  • 5 high schools
  • 1 career academy

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Private Schools

         There is also a large selection of private schools in the area including both independent and religiously-affiliated schools.  These offer a smaller student-teacher ratio, traditional or alternative curriculum offerings, and other specialty programs.  In many cases standardized testing programs to measure the effectiveness of instruction and the selected curriculum.  For more information on our private school selections please go to